What is a text (ASCII) resume?

Text resumes are created in text editors such as Microsoft Notepad. They are void of design features such as bolding, italics, columns, and custom fonts because they are plain text. Plain text uses simple fonts that are located only on your computer keyboard. You can copy and paste your text resume into an email or online job window. This will allow the employer to save your resume into a database and prevent viruses from entering their technical systems.

When viewing your text document in Notepad, you will notice sentences move to the far right past your screen and the resume is left justified with astericks or plus signs in place of bullets. There will not be page numbers, underlining, tables or other custom features. Because the text document does not have line breaks, it will adjust to job or email windows and most printer settings for easy readability by the employer.

Some job boards allow you to upload your MS Word resume or copy and paste your text resume. Which is better?

It is best to use your text resume. If you upload your MS Word resume the document will most likely be changed to a text document during transmission. You do not want this to happen because custom features on your MS Word resume will move around and content will become difficult to read when received.

Where is Notepad? What if I need to make a change to my text resume?

A text document should never be saved to an MS Word file. Instead, text files need to be saved in Notepad. To find Notepad go to the bottom left of your computer window:

Click Start…Click All Programs…Click Accessories… Click Notepad. If you need to make changes to your text document, you will need to retrieve your resume from your Notepad file. Remember to click Save once the document has been updated.

Helpful Hint: Want to see how your text resume will be viewed on the receiving end? All you need to do is open your Notepad file, copy and paste the document into an email window, and email it to yourself.

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