Are you a highly qualified sales professional who is successful in identifying leads, negotiating contracts, and closing deals, but find it difficult to sell your credentials on a resume? You are not alone. Many sales experts have exceptional interpersonal communication skills that allow them to excel in presenting and selling the benefits of their products and services to new prospects. They are sometimes perplexed as to why they cannot do the same for themselves when trying to convey their value on a resume.

To be effective, a sales resume requires an important element –quantifiable results or numbers. Importance should not be placed on what you did for an employer, but how well you have performed in a territory, region, or retail environment. There are a variety of questions you can use to extract your results such as: Are you a top producer? Did you turn around an unprofitable district? By what percentage did you exceed your quotas or increase market share? All numbers that can demonstrate your contribution to the bottom line should always be used to get your resume noticed.

If you have achieved extraordinary sales increases over the years or have steadily reduced costs to maximize profits, inserting small graphs within the job section of your resume can be a great way to visually showcase your progressive sales achievements. Although, this presentation method can effectively capture an employer’s attention, it is best to limit graphs to one per job section with conservative amounts of color. Excessive use of this technique could diminish the impact you are trying to create in your document.

After a sales professional has secured business with a new customer, retaining their loyalty and keeping competitors away is extremely important to maintain or increase future sales and profits. Often employers want to know your involvement in managing the customer relationship and how well you have sold new products to existing customers. Have you retained 95% of your clients for 5 years? Where you recognized with an award for ranking #1 in new product sales to existing customers? Did client referrals assist you in gaining several key contracts last quarter? As all sales professionals know, you cannot succeed without customers. It is essential to communicate your relationship and retention abilities through quantifiable results that prove your effectiveness.

Your selling methods, budget responsibilities, and types of technologies used to track your sales performance are other details you can add to various sections throughout your resume. You can even add a short branding statement at the top of your introductory profile to provide a quick snapshot of your expertise. These elements combined with your quantifiable sales results can distinguish you from the other candidates who are competing for the same opportunities.

Author’s Bio: Anne Kern, ACRW — Anne Kern is the founder of ReachHire Resume Service. Anne is current on the latest technologies potential employers use to find qualified candidates. Cover letters, executive biographies, LinkedIn profile creation, and career assessments are just some of the many services she offers. Her business is built around getting her clients the interviews they desire and providing top-notch personalized service. Learn more about Anne on LinkedIn.